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The idea for CROOKHOOK® came from watching police pursuit shows and realizing that the problem wasn't catching up to the fleeing vehicle but that the police had few options once they got in behind the suspect vehicle.   


By combining my interest in law enforcement and my 30 years experience with being on the road driving trucks and also operating heavy equipment in demolition I was able to figure out that carefully modifying a push bumper would make it possible to safely stop a vehicle.  Operating heavy equipment and knocking down buildings or digging out foundations is all about leverage since most things that needed to be moved or loaded on trucks were very heavy.  Most tractor trailer trucks are only legal up to 80,000lbs but with a special permit I was driving trucks up to a legal limit of 120,000lbs.  Being on the road all day every day you also get to see a lot of crazy and sometimes disturbing things.  Based on my background I knew I could develop a tool for law enforcement to put an end to these dangerous pursuits.  Better yet, I knew I could develop a tool to PREVENT a pursuit from ever happening in the first place and that is when I set out and built my first prototype.


Once I completed the prototype I discovered from my friends in law enforcement that the bigger interest was PREVENTION and holding a vehicle in place because 80% of all pursuits begin from a car stop.  CROOKHOOK® is the perfect tool for that.  Amazingly, now we are able to prevent a pursuit from ever happening instead of trying to stop it.  


To this day, I still meet police and military people that tell me how they want to use CROOKHOOK® .  Besides the obvious hooking of a stopped vehicle they tell me things like hooking and keeping a suspicious vehicle in place if they are out investigating a possible burglary or hooking a suspect vehicle after an undercover drug transaction or even putting a CROOKHOOK® on a Humvee and using it for vehicle extractions.


CROOKHOOK® is also cost effective by minimizing property damage and by saving lives, police and civilian.  I also designed CrookHook® so you can move it to other vehicles as your fleet is upgraded. 


I have joined forces with Paul Gelinas, who is now the CEO of CROOKHOOK® LLC.  Paul has over thirty years of key business experience taking start-ups to the next stage of growth.  As the founder of the largest independent coin operated air vending machine company in the US, Mr. Gelinas later assisted at least six other start-up companies in fundraising and achieving market potential. - Kevin A. Trigo, Inventor -


Kevin A. Trigo
Paul R. Gelinas


For more information contact:

Paul R. Gelinas, CEO

Phone: 413.210.2000


Patent Notice:

- U.S. Pat. No. 5,839,759

- Additional Patents Pending

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