CROOKHOOK® Revolutionizes Police Pursuits

CrookHook® is a revolutionary vehicle capture device mounted on the front of a police cruiser that looks and acts like a regular push bumper. When deployed, CrookHook® will easily and securely grab the back of another vehicle.


Crookhook® uses the weight of the cruiser to effectively bring a fleeing vehicle to a quick and controlled stop or to keep a suspect from fleeing in the first place. CrookHook® uses reliable off-the-shelf technology that is easy to install. CrookHook® solves the huge and costly problem of collateral damage during police pursuits by ending these pursuits quickly and safely. CrookHook® gives control back where it belongs, WITH THE POLICE!


With its solid, dependable and completely reusable technology CrookHook® looks and functions just like a normal push bumper until activated.


At the push of a button the arms are lowered and ready to capture a suspect vehicle. Now, once the police unit touches the back of the suspect vehicle CrookHook® automatically hooks the suspect vehicle bringing it to a safe, controlled and timely stop.



  • Patented, dependable and proven “off the shelf” technology.
  • Completely reusable.
  • Puts control in the hands of Law Enforcement.
  • No need to anticipate in what direction a suspect vehicle might go.
  • Not necessary to coordinate a team effort to stop a fleeing vehicle.
  • Reduces the potential injury to police personnel and civilians.
  • Reduces the damage to police vehicles from the use of the P.I.T manuver.
  • CrookHook® has far surpassed all expectations on its ability to do what it was designed to do. So simple yet amazingly effective. CrookHook® is truly the safest most economical option Police Departments have to putting an end to the dangerous problems associated with police pursuits.




For more information contact:

Paul R. Gelinas, CEO

Phone: 413.210.2000413.210.2000


Patent Notice:

- U.S. Pat. No. 5,839,759

- Additional Patents Pending

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