CROOKHOOK® is a revolutionary vehicle capture device that is changing the outcome of police pursuits.
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Police uses for CROOKHOOK®:

  1. Static Stops (Because 80% of all pursuits begin from a vehicle that has pulled over then decides to flee)
  2. Felony Stops (To keep that vehicle in place so it doesn't turn into a pursuit)
  3. Vehicle Checkpoints (Anyplace a vehicle may have an opportunity to flee from the police.)
  4. Specialized Police Units (Drug Enforcement, Vice, Gang, Warrants, Highway, Motor Carrier Safety Unit, DWI/OUI Enforcement, Radar/Speed Enforcement, Marked Patrol, Street Narcotics, S.W.A.T, etc.  CROOKHOOK® can and should be a part of any police unit tactical plan to keep a suspect vehicle in place.)
  5. Vehicle Retention (To keep a suspicious vehicle in place if an officer needs to get out and investigate around a home or place of business)


Federal Law Enforcement uses:

  1. U.S. Border Patrol (CROOKHOOK® can hold vehicles that are overloaded with people on or off road to prevent dangerous and deadly accidents)
  2. U.S. Military - Vehicle Extraction (CROOKHOOK® provides the ability to pull a stranded vehicle back into a safe zone)
  3. Any Federal Agency (Secret Service, DEA, ATF, CIA, FBI etc. Apprehension Teams tactical plan to prevent or to end quickly any attempt of a suspect to flee)




For more information contact:

Paul R. Gelinas, CEO

Phone: 413.210.2000


Patent Notice:

- U.S. Pat. No. 5,839,759

- Additional Patents Pending

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